After the Deck of Dungeons - A Post Morten

February 06th 2021

My first Kickstarter project "Deck of Dungeons" has finally been delivered - or is still in shipping - and I try to put my thoughts about it in order here. Because in the end everything went quite differently than expected...

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New RPG Tool - D&D 5E Item List

January 25th 2021

Besides the already existing Loot-Generator, which is already online for some time, there is now also a D&D item list. The list contains all magical and non-magical items that the SRD offers plus some homebrew items. Of course with search and advanced filter options.

I have long considered whether I should implement this at all. After all, there is D&D Beyond. So why make the effort, if the same functionality already exists there? For me there were two reasons (actually three)...

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