New RPG Tool - D&D 5E Spell Directory

I have been working for a long time now on bringing online a comprehensive list of D&D 5E spells besides the loot generator, the item directory and the dungeon generator.
Here, too, my aim is of course to offer both the English and the German version. And since there is no German-language counterpart to the SRD, I had to translate every single spell by hand. Well, not entirely by hand. I ended up using an online translator, which made my job a lot easier thanks to a glossary function. Nevertheless, it took quite a long time to translate almost 400 spells and their properties.

This list, of course, only contains the spells from the SRD. Even if I would like to include all the content from all the official supplements (Xanathars, Tashas, etc...). But then I would have Wizard's lawyers standing on the stairs faster than I could say "Others do that too!".

Even the official German versions of the spells are not under an open licence, as far as I know. Hence the manual work of translating the spells myself, which is allowed under the Open Game License.

But... Unfortunately, this also means that the spells in German here on the site cannot necessarily be taken at face value. There are certainly errors in conversions (feet to metres, pounds to kilograms, etc.) and mistakes in wording that have crept in. So I cannot guarantee the correctness.

Other than that, I hope that this new tool is nevertheless helpful for some players.

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