New RPG Tool - D&D 5E Item List

Besides the already existing Loot-Generator, which is already online for some time, there is now also a D&D item directory. The list contains all magical and non-magical items that the SRD offers plus some homebrew items. Of course with search and advanced filtering options.

I thought long and hard if I should implement this at all. After all there is D&D Beyond. So why make the effort, if the same functionality is already available there? For me there were two reasons (actually three):

Cost of the items

It is often difficult (especially for magic items) to find the exact costs. At least on D&D Beyond and some other sites I couldn't find any data for many items. Since I already have all the costs in my database for the Loot-Generator, I didn't have to update it.

German translation

I have a German-speaking group and it is tedious to translate the descriptions "on-the-fly" (meaningfully) into German. There is, but only the names of the items are offered in German. The descriptions are only available in English. And unfortunately D&D Beyond and the SRD are also only available in English.

So I made the effort and actually translated all 540 items in my database to German myself. For this I first translated every description with DeepL automatically and then I improved it as good as I could. The translations are not 100% correct. Abilities, traits and spells might not be conform to the German rulebooks but it's better than nothing.

I am a tinkerer

This is the third reason. I love to make my own tools, helpers, cards, figures and so on. So why not make my digital helpers too? This also allows me to implement features myself that I would like to have but don't necessarily exist elsewhere. A first such function is for example the possibility to bookmark single items from the loot generator or the item directory and to show only my bookmarked items later when searching. I also have more functions in mind that I want to implement over time. But there will be an update for that.

For now, I'm happy that after seemingly endless work, a second RPG tool has finally gone online that may help other game masters guide a group of heroes through their adventures.

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