Dungeon Generator 2.0

Today I released the next, major version of the dungeon generator. It took some time for something that hardly looks like a big update on the surface. However, a lot has changed, especially under the hood.

New layout

I've changed the layout a bit. All the options and items have moved to the left side. This leaves a little more room for the dungeon. Especially if you create a dungeon in portrait layout.


Finally, finally , finally! You can now move items within the grid via "snapping". To do this, simply hold down the Shift key while placing or moving an object. Now you can also place doors exactly on the grid ;)
A little tip: This also works when rotating objects. If you hold down the Shift key while rotating, you can only rotate the selected object in 45° steps.

New items

There are five new items. A few planks, a rope, a crate and a pile of gold. Don't worry, more will come eventually. But the main focus of this release was just not on new items. Because the real, big news is...

A completely new dungeon renderer

Basically, I rewrote everything to make the dungeon generator faster. It now loads faster and the individual operations (generate, edit, place items, etc...) are now also smoother than before.
This is primarily thanks to the new renderer, which is based on spritesheets instead of individual images. But a few other optimizations under the hood should also make for a smoother experience.

I already have many, more features in the backlog but of course far too little time. Therefore it will probably take some time again until a major update comes.

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