Kenneys Scribble Dungeons

Among game developers, Kenney is quite well known. The Dutch game developer(?) regularly produces absolutely great assets and puts them online for free. And even under the CC-0 licence. You are allowed to do really everything with them (except create NFTs - thank goodness). From time to time, Kenney also publishes the one or other game or tool that is available for little money.
A few days ago, the Scribble Dungeon Set arrived with lots of building blocks for dungeons. Of course I had to add the set to the Dungeon Generator. The style is something different and fits wonderfully into the Dungeon Generator. Anyway, I had a lot of fun testing and playing around while I was adding the graphics.
Unfortunately, not all pieces of the set made it into the dungeon generator since they wouldn't make sense with the generator as I designed it (outdoor areas, half-length walls, etc...).

Generated Dungeon with Kenney's Scribble Dungeon

In the background, there were one or two more improvements. Mainly, I tweaked the performance. When you push items around, it no longer feels like you're moving through thick honey.

And that brings us to the end of the news. See you next time with hopefully even more cool new features.

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