Wed Sep 30 2020

The Deck of Dungeons Kickstarter is live - and why it was such a personal challenge for me!

Finally the time has come. After I already teased the Deck of Dungeons a few times on Twitter, Instagram & Co I can proudly announce that there is a Kickstarter for it.

I will spare you the details of what the Deck of Dungeons is all about. In short: It is a pack of cards consisting of 36 hand drawn dungeon maps. Similar to the printable dungeon map cards I put here some time ago. More details can be found on the Kickstarter page.

deck of dungeons sample

Much more interesting is the question: Why only now? I wanted to start the project already in February. But then the whole Corona situation started. The first prototype was not delivered for the time being.
At the beginning of July it finally arrived (I didn't expect it anymore) and I was not really happy. The cards felt cheap, I didn't like the design of the back and the tuck box anymore and the border around each dungeon was actually unnecessary.

I almost rejected the idea. Not only the Deck of Dungeon, but the whole project "Mythical Ink". But then a little motivation came from somewhere and I went back to the drawing board and ordered another prototype. This time directly with linen paper and a more luxurious finish for the tuck box. The next prototype arrived 2 weeks later and yes!
This time the Deck of Dungeons felt right.

deck of dungeons tuckbox

Now the fun began. Kickstarter description, pictures, video, calculation of shipping & production costs, tax id registration and so on.

And then I waited almost two more months. Call it fear, anxiety or uncertainty. So many things you can do wrong. What if nobody is interested in the deck, which all of the sudden feels too thin? What if it is too expensive? And the shipping is on top of that. I can't ask for less unless I increase the Kickstarter target by much. But then people might think the project won't make it anyway... Chargebacks, complaints, broken deliveries? Why the hell would I go through all that?

But this time I just pulled myself together. I would regret not trying at all more than failing. At least this is what everybody says, right?
So I clicked on the "Create Project" link on Kickstarter and was guided through the process. That was really easy. The designers & developers at Kickstarter did a fantastic job.

And now here we are. The Kickstarter is live and I hope to find enough supporters somewhere to make the project a success.