Another Dungeons & Drangons Loot Table Generator? Why not...

Sun May 17 2020

I wrote yet another Dungeons & Dragons loot table generator. Here is why and for what special purpose. Also what features I will possibly add in the future.

The Region of Fasweau Map

Mon May 11 2020

The regionof Fasweau is a downloadable map describing the south of a continent with some extra landmarks.

The Secret Stash Map and Loot table

Sun Apr 26 2020

Another little downloadable map. This time with the convenience of an added falvor text and loot table.

The "Traveler's Rest" Inn - a tiny encounter

Thu Apr 23 2020

I through about writing an adventure for quite some time now. But a whole adventure is a bigger project. So I took a map of an inn I drew and built a little encounter around it.

Website redesign

Tue Mar 24 2020

Since I was not very happy with the old design I decided to tidy up the page a bit. And I added the downloads section where you can find all my older giveaways now.

March Giveaway - Free Printable Interior Map Cards

Sun Mar 01 2020

Download 8 printable interior map cards. Make it easier to imagine what a place looks like or use the cards to inspire yourself.

February Giveaway - Free Printable Regional Map Cards

Fri Jan 31 2020

This month you can get a set of 8 printable regional maps for free. As always you can grab the PDF right away without any hurdles.

Materials you might need for your fantasy cartography

Thu Jan 02 2020

Drawing maps yourself might be a daunting. But you don't need much to get started. Here is what I use and recommend for fantasy cartography

January Giveaway - Free Printable Street Map Cards

Wed Jan 01 2020

The first month of the year comes with a Mythical Ink giveaway as well. Grab 8 printable street map cards for free!

December Giveaway - 8 Printable Dungeon Cards

Fri Dec 06 2019

For the month of Christmas we give away a set of 8 printable dungeon cards. No signup, registration, retweet or whatever. Just download the PDF and print your cards.

The Unnamed Island

Thu Dec 05 2019

You came across this island on your trip to the south. When you checked the various maps in the captains quarter you noticed that on all of them there is a white area where the island should be. But through the looking glass you clearly saw a city on the north coast. What is going on here?

The Wine Cellar

Wed Dec 04 2019

As your group enters the wine cellar the rouge stops all of you. Something seems not right. Shouldn't there be racks full of rare wine bottles you could steal and sell for some good coin? Instead everything you see is some old wooden boxes and some dirt.


Tue Dec 03 2019

After your group split up to re-stock materials and ammunition you gather at the park to hang out and plan your next steps. Should you go to the mines to investigate the rumors or meet up with the shady Goblin who asked for a favour?

Traveling the westcoast

Mon Dec 02 2019

Traveling down the west coast eventually leads you to the city "Bellvale" which is considered the trade capitol of the west. Divided by the river Belle it houses the rich in the north and the poor in the south. What adventures will you find there?

The Goblin's Corner

Sun Dec 01 2019

You didn't come for the fight. Too bad that 6 armed goblins were already waiting for you. The only way to the treasure in the back room is through this small group of filthy, bloodthirsty greenskins. Roll for initiative!

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